Digital Resume and Small Project Update

Wasn’t quite sure if I needed to make a blog post about this, but I ended up recreated my Digital Resume/Portfolio.

It’s a work in progress, but it has a few of the works that I am pretty proud of, like my interactive fiction games. I suggest that if you want to play one of them, play the Pokemon one because the Fire-Man game is a bit weird without knowing the context of the class that I created it for. I listed my Privacurity┬ásite as well, so you can visit and maybe learn how to keep yourself safe online.

Anyway, here’s the link:

So far for the HCC Project, we’ve completed two interviews. We originally scheduled two for last Friday, but one of our interviewees cancelled. The President Hurley one went really well, but we had a little bit of trouble with the microphones. The interview with Hall Cheshire was better since we didn’t have any mic troubles and we got a lot of information from him. I’m currently working on the videos to upload to YouTube, so we can begin to embed them on our site and show them to the class for the next presentation. We have more interviews on Monday and Friday, but I’m not worried.

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3 Responses to Digital Resume and Small Project Update

  1. Kathleen MacIndoe says:

    Like we discussed last week, it is always a good idea to include examples of your skills, rather than simply providing a list of what you are capable of, and I like that you did that here. I should also spend some time deciding how I can showcase my skills as a teacher, which may be a bit more difficult as I would be demonstrating most of them while I am actually teaching. Also, I may have to come back later and try out these games.

  2. Alex Privitt says:

    Hey dude, we’re using the same theme and I was just wondering how you got the comment boxes off of the posts?

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