Final Project Update

This will probably be the last project update for the Convergence Center website. The videos are up, the front page is ready, it works well on mobile, so we are just about finished with everything. I believe there are a few transcripts left, but that will be done before the due date next Tuesday. The walk-throughs are around thirty seconds and informs whomever visits the site about the service or room that they decide to look at on the website.

We weren’t able to get in touch with Jerry Slezak about doing a walkthrough for the IT Help desk, so we decided to go with just an image instead and have a small description of the service as a backup.

We were able to get all of the files stored on the ExploreHCC MEGA account, so everything is currently backed up and ready to give over to whomever is going to manage our website in the future.

Now that we are near the end, I have the say that the website has turned out really well. I can’t really find the words to describe how happy I am with it, but  I hope people are able to leave the site informed on the history and potential of the building.

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2 Responses to Final Project Update

  1. Kathleen MacIndoe says:

    From the previews your group gave during your presentations, the site seems to be very user-friendly and obvious to navigate. There is nothing I hate more than not understanding how a website it set up, so I appreciate the clean layout of your group’s. I am excited to watch the walkthrough videos as I feel uninformed about the HCC and would like to know more about what resources are available.

  2. Marissa Feldman says:

    I am very happy with our final project as well. I think our site will provide a resource for students, faculty, and staff to learn more about the building, its history, and its functions. I feel confident that when we hand off the website to someone else, that it will not be difficult for them to maintain.

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